BAS-2301 WiFi

Soon! NEW improved version of this antenna — “BAS-2307 WiFi Dual Band”. Now with 5 GHz wireless band!

Antenna «BAS-2301 WiFi» is designed for outdoor placement and works in conjunction with WiFi routers that have external antennas with circular radiation pattern in a zone of uncertain reception of Wi-Fi signal, providing an increase in the coverage area of Wi-Fi to several times in the chosen direction. The antenna «BAS-2301 WiFi» is compatible with Wi-Fi adapters and Wi-Fi routers operating in the frequency range 2.4 Ghz (IEEE802.11b/g/n), with RP-SMA connector.

Antenna radom is made of ABS plastic which protects from UV rays and most adverse weather, prolonging the service life. «BAS-2301 WiFi» can be installed on the mast or wall bracket diameter up to 50 mm, allowing more precise adjustment in the desired direction.

The antenna is connected to the WiFi router or WiFi adapter via cable RG-58A/U with RP-SMA connector.

Supported communication standards:
Operating frequencies:
Gain max:
Horizontal Beamwidth:
Vertical Beamwidth:
Nominal Impedance:
F/B Ratio:
Max Input Power:
Lightning Protection:
Cable length:
Connector type:
Reflector Material:
Radome Material:
Mounting Method:
Mast Size:
Dimensions of Assembly (without mount):
Rated Wind Velocity:
Operating temperature:
Wi-Fi (IEEE 802.11 b/g/n)
2400 — 2500 MHz
12.5 — 15 dBi
50 Ohm
>20 dB
100 W
DC Ground
Aluminum Alloy
Weatherproof ABS
Mast or Wall Bracket
no more than 1 kg
-40°C .. +65°C


You can download the presentation in PDF format. To view PDF file You can use Adobe Acrobat Reader

2301_en-1 You can download the presentation in PDF format. To view PDF file You can use Adobe Acrobat Reader

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