UV air purifier OVU-33

UV air purifier OVU-33 is intended for complex disinfection (bactericidal, virucidal, mycocidal treatment) of air with UV-C radiation in rooms of production facilities, public organizations, offices, warehouses, administrative structures and law enforcement agencies, as well as shopping malls, conference halls, etc.
Disinfection of air occurs upon forced blow out of the housing vent with a low-pressure germicidal UV-C lamps installed inside.
The air purifier can be used by individual consumers in households, as well as in sports and recreation centers, schools, residential care facilities, health and recreation resorts, premises of various organizations, offices, production and storage facilities.
The UV Air Purifier can be operated in the presence of people, animals and plants.
The air purifier is equipped with a pre-filter to prevent foreighn particles and dust from getting inside the purifier, which significantly increases the efficiency of UV-C air treatment.
Productivity, nominal, m³/hour: 1650
Purification Area, m²: 2000
Quantity of bactericidal UV lamps, pcs: 16
Power of an UV lamp, nominal, W: 15
Filter: removable (replaceable)
Type of the lamp base: G13
Lamp service life, nominal, hours: 9000
Maximum UV radiation, in the band, nm: 245-265
Mains voltage, V/Mains voltage frequency, Hz: 230/50
Power consumption, VA: 495
Dimensions without the stand, mm: 520x720x460
Weight, kg: 30

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