UV Air Purifier OVU-07-3 «Solar Breeze-7-3»

The ultraviolet germicidal Air Purifier «Solar Breeze-7-3» disinfects the air as a result of ultraviolet treatment and prevents the spread of airborne viruses and bacteria.
Suitable for use in an office and in industrial premises.
Disinfection of air occurs upon forced blow out of the housing vent with three low-pressure bactericidal ultraviolet lamps inside the device. The UV lamps are locked in a durable metal body, which allows using the device in the presence of people, including kids, as well as pets and houseplants.
Does not emit ozone.
Has a minimalistic design. Wall mount is perfect for office interior. Can be mounted on a mobile stand for easier relocation. The mobile stand is not included in the kit and is purchased separately.
Completed with a replaceable dust filter.
The body is covered with white powder paint.

Productivity, nominal, m³/hour: 120
Purification Area, m²: 130
Total power of the UV emitter, W: 45
Number of bactericidal UV lamps, pcs: 3
Power of an UV lamp, nominal, W: 15
Filter: removable (replaceable)
Type of the lamp base: G13
Lamp service life, nominal, hours: 9000
Maximum UV radiation, in the band, nm: 245-265
Mains voltage, V/Mains voltage frequency, Hz: 230/50
Power consumption, VA: 70
Dimensions without the stand, mm: 615х258х132
Weight, kg: 4.6

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