OVU AUTO-23 for vehicles

The ultraviolet bactericidal Air Purifier for vehicles is a closed-type irradiator. It is designed for air disinfection from viruses, bacteria and other pathogenic flora in the passenger cars.
Disinfection of air occurs upon forced blow out of the housing vent with five low-pressure bactericidal ultraviolet lamps inside the device. The UV lamps are locked in a durable metal body, which allows using the device in the presence of people, including kids, as well as pets.
Designed to work while driving or in a parking lot. Safe work in the presence of people and pets is guaranteed with no time limit for exposure.
Power supply 21.6..26.4V is carried out from the car’s lighter socket, or in another way to the car’s on-board network using connection protection — standard or additional fuses (fuse links). The product is completed with a 1 m cable.
The device can be turned on at home. To do that, you must use a 24 V power supply unit with a current of at least 2.5 A.
The lamp installed inside the device can work for about 9000 hours. The body is made of metal and covered with black polymer powder paint.

 Productivity, nominal, m³/hour:  60
Quantity of bactericidal UV lamps, pcs: 2
Power of an UV lamp, nominal, W: 15
Filter: removable (replaceable)
Type of the lamp base: T8/G13
Lamp service life, nominal, hours: 9000
Maximum UV radiation, in the band, nm: 245-265
Mains voltage, V/Mains voltage DC: 24
Power consumption, VA: 60
Dimensions without the stand, mm: 575х132х150
Weight, kg: 3.8

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