How We produce a TV antennas

As You know REMO is a Full Production Cycle (FPC) factory.
It means that every part of the antenna is made by our own.

Let’s see it in detailes.

There’s so called the department of ideas to create a new models which would meet the requirements of the consumer. It’s headed by the director of development.

So when all the detailes are thought over, it’s time for design department to draw the 3D model.

When it’s detailed it goes to Electronics & PCB department, Galvanics department, Мachine department , which makes the different parts of antenna, joined together by the specialists of the Assembly department.

The assembled product goes to both the Quality control department and the radiolab to test it for being sure it meets the requirements . Also our young engineers would be glad to answer any questions about the technical characteristics of any model.

Finally tested product goes to Sales and Marketing Department to create the way it would be packed for saling out and being saled in fact. Please know that we have the full-cicle package producing.

It should be also mentioned about the specialists of our own Transport department, Repair Service, Financial and Legal departments, IT Department, who accompany each stage of producing the REMO antennas.

After the contract is signed both managers of Sales and Marketing Department and the Logistics department prepare the antennas for sending them to the Byers by the Logistics Companies.

The important thing must be mentioned above all the antennas have necessary Quality Certificates including EC Certificate for Active antennas, EC Declaration of Conformity for passive ones.

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