Our History

REMO was founded 29 years ago by Arkady Voloshin who decided he could make far better TV antennas than he saw in the marketplace. He rented a room in his hometown of Saratov and started designing and producing his own brand of TV antennas and related components. He dedicated himself to superior quality, by any standard surpassing his competitors in product durability, reliability and performance. Sales increased at a very fast rate. Soon, more space was needed. In 2003-2004 REMO bought two buildings to handle the workload, and in 2008 it moved to its current facility that consists of five large manufacturing buildings in Saratov hosting some 12,000+ square meters of workspace. Today, 300+ employees work at REMO with 10 engineers dedicated to research and development.

In 2006 we expanded from consumer provider to commercial and government contractor, selling to the federal government. In 2009 we began production of a broad range of telecommunications antennas and developed a sizeable share of the cellular radio market. Then, in 2011, we began exports to other countries and in that year won several awards from the Government for our quality. We currently make some 600 different products and manufacture over 110,000 units monthly.

Our success is due to our exceptionally high quality of production. We have a dedicated Department of Quality Management (more generally known as Quality Control) consisting of 15 Quality Management System supervisors who inspect every component or card, test every key parameter, and re-inspect after every assembly stage. Only after a final test and quality assurance examination is a product shipped.

REMO since 2010 has been certified as ANSI standard ISO-9001:2015 compliant. We monitor the materials and components we use to make our products to be certain that we provide the highest quality antenna and related products available anywhere. We continually search out and hire the best engineers, continually train our professionals and staff, and inculcate in our company a culture of pride and an expectation producing the highest possible product reliability and quality.

Apart from our exports, we market to a wide array of governmental entities, such as the Russian Ministry of Justice, police and rescue departments. We continue to develop innovative products, most recently an active antenna element inside a (USB) modem. Our plans are for continued development of integrated products, such as access point devices and Wi-Fi-client solutions. All of this positions us to take on the world’s leading manufacturers of antennas and related products for both TV and general communications.

REMO specializes in producing OEM/ODM devices, custom branding them and delivering in quantity under exceptionally short timeframe requirements. Current examples include antennas with integrated Wi-Fi adapters and a variety of unique antenna designs.

Our goal is to be the standard of quality for traditional TV antennas, cell antennas and commercial communications accessory products. We are humbled by our success to date and we look forward to the coming years with great enthusiasm and optimism.

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