The antenna TWIN Super DeLuxe has increased the gain at the expense of an extended crosshead and 6ti Directors UHF band. The antenna receives a signal from the analog and digital television. Designed for use in areas of poor signal both in the city and in the suburbs. It characterized by the presence of the angle of the reflector, by which the gain in the UHF range is increased by 3-5 dB.Cabling is sold separately.

The antenna has a different variants of powering.

Antenna can be powered by the USB-input of the TV, computer, etc. with the help of the USB power adapter.

Perhaps the usage of an additional amplifier «INDOOR USB» in case of a weak signal.

Placing antennas:
Antenna Type:
The gain, max., Channel 1-5:
The gain, max., Channel 6-12:
The gain, max., Channel 21-69:
Connector type:
Supply voltage:
Сolor of case:
Dimensions of assembly:
Broadband TV Antenna
75 Ohm
On demand

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