Flat-800 MiMo

The passive outdoor flat-panel antenna is used with USB modems and LTE Wi-Fi routers. In the antenna the MIMO (Multiple Input Multiple Output) technology is implemented.
To protect against static electricity there is a DC circuit. The antenna’s construction is covered with radiotransparent plastic that protects against UV and adverse weather conditions and prolongs antenna’s life. The antenna is installed on a mast or a bracket up to 50 mm diameter. This direct antenna has four modifications with different connectors (F-type, N-type, SMA).
Placing antennas: Outdoor
Antenna Type: Communication Antenna
Standards: 790-960 MHz, GHz for GSM, 4G, LTE systems
Frequency range: 790-960 MHz
Radiation (H-plane): beamwidth @ -3 dB = 60.1° @ 875, 76° @ 950 MHz
Radiation (E-plane): beamwidth @ -3 dB = 83.5° @ 875, 44° @ 950 MHz
Front to back ratio: ≥ 10 dB @ 790-960 MHz
SWR in bandwidth: ≤ 2.2 all bands
The gain: ≤10 dB @ 790-960 MHz
Bracket & Hardware material: Aluminium, Galvanized steel
Impedance 50 or 75 Ohm (depending on modification)
Dimensions: 275х245х87 mm
Weight: no more than 0.8kg
Connector type: F-type, N-type, SMA

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