Indoor passive TV antenna «BAS-5322» is designed to receive TV signal in high digital quality in a wide frequency range.
Thanks to ultra-thin multi-layer technology and spraying of silver particles, antenna is able to compete in performance with many representatives of outdoor antennas.
The use of transparent plastic in the antenna does not prevent the passage of daylight into the room when you place  the antenna on the window, which is also an important factor.
The antenna is secured with a double-sided tape.
The antenna is compatible for use with both modern TVs with digital terrestrial TV reception capabilities and digital TV set-top boxes.
A wide range of frequencies allows to receive 6-12 TV channels in the meter range in those regions where their broadcasting is carried out.
The antenna has a different variants of powering. Antenna can be passive or Amplified.
Amplified antenna can be powered by the USB-input of the TV, computer, etc. by using USB power adapter , AC adapter and STB.

Placing antennas:
Antenna Type:
The gain, max., Channel 1-5:
The gain, max., Channel 6-12:
The gain, max., Channel 21-69:
Connector type:
Supply voltage:
Сolor of case:
Broadband TV Antenna
75 Ohm

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