BAS-2007 LTE MiMo antenna combines a system of two directional antennas and a stand for mobile LTE/Wi-Fi routers. This device boosts signals in 3G/4G networks to get maximum speed in the network. In the antenna the MIMO (Multiple Input Multiple Output) technology is implemented. In 3G networks the antenna allows to increase connection’s stability due to its high gain and ability to function in necessary band range.
The antenna is available in two modifications for mobile LTE Wi-Fi routers: the first one is for the routers with TS9 sockets, the second modification is for the routers with CRC9 sockets. Types of sockets are marked on the box.
Placing antennas:
Antenna Type:
Supported communication standards:
Operating frequencies:
The gain, max.:
Dimensions of assembly:
Connector type:
Communication Antenna
790..2700 MHz
11 dBi
280x120x160 mm
no more 0.5 kg
CRC9 or TS9

10 + 15 =

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