BAS-2004 Contact MIMO

3G / LTE antenna «BAS-2004 CONTACT MiMo» is designed for using with LTE-routers and modems that have connectors for connecting external antennas. Antenna works in 4G LTE / LTE + * (Band 3,7, 20, 38) and 3G networks. Allows you to take advantage of LTE MiMo technology with two connectors on the router or modem.

On the back side of the «BAS-2004 CONTACT MiMo» there are four suction cups that provides a variety of installation options for the product. Due to its compact dimensions, antenna is portable and can be used at home or in the car, on the train, while traveling around the city.

It is equipped with protective pads, preventing damage to the surfaces of the router.

«BAS-2004 CONTACT MiMo» is made of high-quality and reliable materials in accordance with a design project.

The Antenna has two options of connectros: CRC9 or TS9.

Placing antennas:
Antenna Type:
The gain, max.:
Dimensions of assembly:
Connector type:
Communication Antenna
50 Ohm
CRC9 or TS9

6 + 6 =

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