The indoor broadband antenna REMO BAS-5315 is focuses on the reception of analog and digital (DVB-T and DVB-T2) format of broadcasting television programs in a wide range of frequencies. White polymer plastic imparts REMO BAS-5315 modern appearance. In addition, the housing high-tech materials have high durability and safety in operation.

The antenna has a built-in amplifier, which has a different variants of powering

Perhaps the usage of an additional amplifier «INDOOR USB» in case of a weak signal.

Placing antennas:
Antenna Type:
The gain, max., Channel 6-12:
The gain, max., Channel 21-69:
Connector type:
Сolor of case:
Dimensions of assembly:
The cable length:
Broadband TV Antenna
75 Ohm
TV aerial plug
On demand

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