Irradiator (UV Sterilizer) MVBO.02 «Virus Killer»

 “Virus killer” is intended for anti-bacterial treatment of the room (quartz treatment) by hard UV radiation (wavelength range of 200-400 nm). It can not be used in presence of people, animals and plants. It can be used by consumers at home and at work, as well as in fitness centers, in schools, health and recreation centers for recurrent disinfection of premises.

Power of the ultraviolet lamp, nominal, W 125
Lamp Type / Base Type DRT-125 / baseless (flexible leads)
Irradiancy, typical, in the band of 240-320 nm, at the distance of 1 m., W / m² 12
Bactericidal efficacy, not less than, % 99
Duration of the irradiation session, maximum, minutes 90
Interval between irradiation sessions, nominal, minutes 15
Mains voltage, V / Mains voltage frequency, Hz 230±10% / 50
Power consumption, W, not more than 250
Dimensions, mm, not more than 235x210x160
Weight, kg., not more than 2.0

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